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Get both books! M.I.A. (Book 1) & M.I.A. and the Book of Damien (Book 2) og the M.I.A. trilogy written and illustrated by Shawnee Morris. Both books will be autographed by Shawnee and you will receive 2 FREE M.I.A. themed buttons!

M.I.A.  is about a teen boy, Alex, that goes missing while searching in the magical forest for his lost friend.

M.I.A. and the Book of Damien is about Alex reuniting with his friends. The goal is going home but before they can go, a forest creature needs their help.

M.I.A. and M.I.A. and the Bookof Damien

SKU: MIA01/02
$42.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price
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